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Glass Bauble Magnets

September 25, 2008

While the girls were in town, I saw some cute bauble magnets at Parts & Labour.  They were cute.  I figured i could probably make them myself.  I used  picnik to make the photos round and to put words on the image.  Then i cut them out the same shape as the bauble i was going to use.   (the baubles are all different shapes, round, oval, kidney)

Applied glue to it.

The glue enhanced the colors in the photo.

I applied pressure to the bauble to get any air bubbles out.

Then attached a magnet to the back.

The magnet i bought was self adhesive and on one sheet.  I had to cut them out (in order to not waste the magnet, the shapes are not all round)

Well, the magnet isn’t strong enough to hold the baubles.  I think i need thicker, stronger magnets.

Some of the magnets are hanging sideways and others keep slipping down the fridge.

I will update once i buy stronger magnets.


Sewing Tattoo

September 25, 2008

Should all of the Knight girls get this matching tattoo?

Via Boing Boing)


Updated: Bosom Buddies Keychain

September 4, 2008

On a previous post, i had made Breast Friend Necklaces.   After I posted the information, I realized there was a problem.  The boobs weighed too much for the eye pin and they slipped off!

I searched a couple stores for eye screws and finally found them at Lowes.

So, the necklace project has been converted from “Breast Friends Necklaces” to “Bosom Buddies Keychains“.

**Jilly – You don’t have to wear the boob around your neck, but you do have to put it on your keychain”


Ottoman Slipcover Bliss!!!

September 2, 2008

My little bohemian sister Robin is moving to San Francisco, and I inherited from her a nice, comfy ottoman. I could tell the ottoman was in good condition but a little dirty and did not match my decor.  So I made a slipcover for the ottoman using McCall’s pattern 3278, with the help of my mom.  She’s a pro.

This was SO easy!  It took us about 3 hours from start to finish.  The pattern called for piping, but we did not include it.  The pattern could be used for any size ottoman, since you put the dimensions into a formula in order to figure out how much fabric you need.  The sewing was basic, it took longer to cut out the fabric than it did to sew it.  I plan on making a couple more slipcovers. I want to use the ottoman in all of my rooms.  Next time I plan to use a stiffer fabric and add piping.



I LOVE having an ottoman in the living room.