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Sublime Stitching Gallery

December 15, 2008

Just checked Sublime Stitching website and my towel made it into the Gallery!! So exciting!  Check it out here!



Krazy Kitchen Embroidery

December 13, 2008

While at Maker Faire 08, I took a little “demo” class with Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching and fell in love with embroidery!!!


I found her booth and purchased some embroidery patterns from her booth.


It has been over a month and I decided to give them a try…

Aunt Pat had given me some Flour Sacks, but they too big for dish towels.  So, after washing them (to shrink them),  i cut them in half and hemmed the edges.

I decided to use the Krazy Kitchen pattern, so I ironed on the pattern onto my dish towel.


I started to embroider and here is how it turned out!


What do you think?


Snoop on Martha

December 5, 2008

Last week on Martha Stewart she had on a very funny guests Snoop and Martha made mashed potatoes together. Not exactly on the topic of crafts, but still very funny…


my feather headbands

December 4, 2008

I was bummed I wasn’t there to make the feather headbands with Jilly and Maureen.   Today I went to Hobby Lobby and was in pursuit of feathers!  I found the feather section and they had bags and bags of feathers!  I really liked the polka dot pheasant feathers.  Then i saw a feather pad (it has a piece of felt that the feathers are already attached to it.  So i began my solo project.

Here are my supplies: from top left

bag of feathers, feather pad, glue gun, assortment of headbands and a piece of felt.


The first one i made was the feather wide headband…I attached multiple feathers directly to the headband.


The next one, i took the polka dot feathers and attached them to the piece of felt…dsc03951

Then attached the pad to the headband.


Then the last one, I used the premade feather pad and just attached it to the headband…


I like how they all turned out.  I would like to experiment with other feathers.