my feather headbands

December 4, 2008

I was bummed I wasn’t there to make the feather headbands with Jilly and Maureen.   Today I went to Hobby Lobby and was in pursuit of feathers!  I found the feather section and they had bags and bags of feathers!  I really liked the polka dot pheasant feathers.  Then i saw a feather pad (it has a piece of felt that the feathers are already attached to it.  So i began my solo project.

Here are my supplies: from top left

bag of feathers, feather pad, glue gun, assortment of headbands and a piece of felt.


The first one i made was the feather wide headband…I attached multiple feathers directly to the headband.


The next one, i took the polka dot feathers and attached them to the piece of felt…dsc03951

Then attached the pad to the headband.


Then the last one, I used the premade feather pad and just attached it to the headband…


I like how they all turned out.  I would like to experiment with other feathers.



  1. […] feather headbands I have added my latest craftiness to my craft blog  Knights who say Knit! […]

  2. Adorable! I’ve been known to rock a feather fascinator from time to time, and did a DIY version using a hair clip and premade feather pad.

  3. Ahhh!! No fair, we don’t have any Hobby Lobby’s out here.

    I LIKE the headband with the featherpad.

  4. I love the last bit. I really can’t wait to join jill’s craft night. I wanna make one for ruby. ~L

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