Goodbye, Domino Magazine

February 21, 2009


Jason and I had a Claim Jumpers/Barnes & Noble night.  Which is  one of my favorite ways to spend a Friday night with my hubby.  I picked up the very last issue of Domino Magazine.  I was so bummed last month when Conde Nast Publications announced that they would stop making Domino Magazine.

I was in disbelief, but I don’t know if I should have been that surprised considering how many magazines are failing these days.  I heard that it had nothing to do with readership.  The editors reported that in a down economy advertising revenues just could not keep up with expenses.  I wonder where all the talented Domino staff is going to go?  What magazine is going to fill that void that’s left?  

Stupid economy, that was my favorite magazine.


One comment

  1. Another amazing magazine that is being discontinued this month is CRAFT:(http://www.craftzine.com/)
    They had so many awesome projects and ideas to help keep us crafty!
    They are going to keep it online though…which is cool. Makes sense in this “economy.”

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