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Glass Bauble Magnets

September 25, 2008

While the girls were in town, I saw some cute bauble magnets at Parts & Labour.  They were cute.  I figured i could probably make them myself.  I used  picnik to make the photos round and to put words on the image.  Then i cut them out the same shape as the bauble i was going to use.   (the baubles are all different shapes, round, oval, kidney)

Applied glue to it.

The glue enhanced the colors in the photo.

I applied pressure to the bauble to get any air bubbles out.

Then attached a magnet to the back.

The magnet i bought was self adhesive and on one sheet.  I had to cut them out (in order to not waste the magnet, the shapes are not all round)

Well, the magnet isn’t strong enough to hold the baubles.  I think i need thicker, stronger magnets.

Some of the magnets are hanging sideways and others keep slipping down the fridge.

I will update once i buy stronger magnets.