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Silhouette Stenciled Canvas Grocery Tote

March 15, 2009


Every time I go to the grocery store I try  to remember to bring my own bag, but it always seems like I forget to grab it on the way out.  I’ve seen some really cute canvas grocery bags with stencils on them.   Maybe it would be easier to remember if the bag was really cute?  Seemed like an easy enough project.

I went to Michael’s and bought this canvas bag.


Next, I searched Google images for a good silhouette image.  I considered using this cute one of my husband from when he went to Knott’s Berry Farm when he was little, but I think that might make him embarassed.


I printed out my silhouette image on regular paper.  I traced it on to freezer paper (you can buy freezer paper right next to the aluminum foil and the saran wrap).  I used scissors to cut out the silhouette and an exacto knife for the tight corners.


Next, I ironed the freezer paper to my fabric.   I used a stencil brush and screen printing paint.  I used about two light coats.  Let it dry for about an hour.  Used the blow dryer to set the color, and ironed a final time.

Here is the finished product:


Fun craft project.  Didn’t take very long.  Good way to motivate yourself to be more environmentally conscious.  Trader Joe’s does a weekly promotion that if you bring in your own bag, your name gets entered into a drawing.  The winner gets $25 of free groceries.   A few weeks ago I was the winner!